Top Home Innovations That Can Change Your Life

Our homes are set for a makeover and the we know where they are going, smart. Connected home systems are in the making and they aim to make your home smart and connected. This means that everything can be controlled by your phone or a smart hub and thinks would be less messy.

While the Echo and Google’s smart home hub are getting there, the devices that make up our smart homes are not nearly as helpful. Connected homes are the homes of the future, there is little doubt about it. Smart devices are being made with that future in mind and there are loads of them. Most of them are still in their infancy and require more fine tuning to get there, but there are some that can already change the very way you live your life.

Grohe Sense Guard

Had plumbing leakages at your place that got really messy? You would think if only you had found this earlier and turned the water off. Leakages could mostly be figured after causing mayhem in our houses, but now we can leave it to technology to figure that out.

Grohe sense guard, although not the most jaw dropping tech, is perhaps the most useful little thing there is. It is a small moisture sensor that can be strapped on to pipes to detect leaks. While this sounds normal, the real magic starts when you add it to your plumbing. It detects leaks and pipe bursts prematurely and shuts off the water, saving you a mess and lot of mayhem. Pair it with a Nest and it can use the out of home feature to turn the water off whenever you leave the house.

Wireless Kitchen

If you ever thought your kitchen was getting chaotic due to the appliances, then this one’s for you. Urbaneer’s new Wireless Kitchen has the power to power (see what I did there) all your appliances. It comes with wireless charging all phones supporting the tech and all smart home appliances you will ever need in the kitchen. It is one of the most practical home inventions I have seen in recent years.

Magni Smartech Mattress

A smart mattress, this is the future of sleeping, a future I have been craving for. The Magni Smartech mattress is a smart mattress that does more than help you sleep better. While there are standard features like sleep tracking and heart rate detection and the like it also has LED colored light therapy, and it’s mechanically adjustable.

But what truly sets it apart is its snoring detection. The mattress basically detects snoring and adjusts itself until the snoring stops. This cures you of your snoring problem and gives your partner a good night’s sleep, finally.

Talon Smart Ring

This one had me hooked right from the beginning. Smart home hubs are necessary for the future to control the smart appliances in your homes, but it turns out, its not necessary to talk to them. Talking to your devices may be nice, but if you are watching TV or listening to music talking to them might be a pain.

Now you don’t have to talk to them, thanks to Titanuim Falcon. The company announced Talon smart ting, a device that uses gestures to communicate with smart appliances. A simple flick and everything is done.

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