The best high tech furniture’s

When everything is getting smart, than why not furniture’s?

In the world of emerging technologies, everything is getting smart and easy. Now furniture’s are also getting smart and making the work of the people easy and fast. In this article we have mentioned few high tech furniture’s which you can have at your home.

  • Nightstand Charging Station – If you are smartphone user than you may like to charge your phone at night, but tangled wires may irritate you. This lamp has attached charger to it directly, no tangled wires. There are two drawers where you can keep books, accessories and other items. It has a sleek look and you can choose any color combination as per your home decor. The cost is $138.
  • Full Body Massage Chair Recliner – Those who have back pain or stress would love to relax in this chair. Zero gravity surround space capsule gives relaxation from head to toe, you can choose from any 4 preset massage program’s. The chair has foot roller function, built in waist heater. Any person in the family can enjoy the massage time in this chair. The cost is $850.

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  • i10 Smart Bed – The people who suffer from insomnia and frequent waking at night, this chair will be a great help to them. It has adjustable firmness and support on both sides of bed, climate cooling technology and responsive air technology. It starts from $4,400.
  • High tech coffee table – It has three drawers, one is refrigerated, and other two are for storage. You can even sync the table with the mobile via blue tooth and listen songs from the built in speakers.

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  • Ergonomic Office Chair – The integrated live back system conforms to the body and moves with you if you adjust your posture. The 4 ways adjustable arms ensure that your arms, wrists, and shoulders are all comfortable when you type. It starts from $804. Anyone who spends a lot of time sitting and working, this chair is very good and comfortable for them. Anyone with any weight can sit in it, as it adjusts itself according to your weight.

As the technology is moving forward, every small thing is getting smarter.You can see in market more high tech furniture’s as the innovation is happening daily. We hope that this article has helped you to know and choose which high tech furniture you will buy next for your home.

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