7 Tips to Keeping Facebook Secure

lockEveryone is using social media and it is a great place to connect with new people or stay in touch.  We post our thoughts and photos there, as well as, private messages, but it is necessary to take a few simple steps to keep that data secure.

Use a different password for your accounts.

Many web users select a single password to represent all their accounts.  Take a few minutes to develop passwords for each platform.  This is especially important for platforms like Facebook which is home to a lot of personal information.
Lock your smartphone and/or tablet.

Our lives are on our smart phones.  Think about it emails, text messages, social media platforms, documents, navigation information and who knows what else.  All devices come with an option to lock the device with a password, security code or security pattern.  Activate it and secure your devices in case it is ever lost, stolen or just the victim of a nosy co-worker.
Ensure you have Secure Browsing activated.

It can slow down your Facebook experience a bit, but it is well worth the peace of mind.

Remember HTTPS should appear at the beginning of any web address to indicate it is secure. 
Turn on login notifications. 

This is an extra security feature that wll notify you whenever a new device attempts to log into your Facebook account.

Visit Facebook’s help page to learn how to activate this feature.
Use “Trusted Contacts”

Facebook allows you to select a few friends who can receive an access code if you are ever locked out of your account. The code will enable you to regain access.

Visit Facebook’s help page to learn how to set up this feature.
Check the “Apps You Use” monthly and remove access for any you are not using. 

We grant apps access to our Facebook page when we use the “like” button, use Facebook login on other sites or simple use the post to Facebook option.  The number of sites utilizing this feature can add up quickly and leaves your Facebook account opened up to additional access.  Reviewing these apps monthly can help to keep your account secure.

Visit your Account Settings – Apps to view and edit app access.
Check your privacy settings monthly or each time there is a Facebook update for accuracy.

I have seen privacy settings change for no reason.  It is a good idea to review your settings monthly or each time there is a Facebook update.  Facebook allows you to control many aspects of what is seen by others.  It is best to go through every setting and slect what works for you.

Remember: Only post what you are comfortable with the world seeing on any social media account.  Privacy settings are important, but you cannot assume they will keep you safe!

Protect Yourself from Webcam Spying!

If my webcam has been activated, the light will be turned on. 
For someone to activate my webcam they would need in-depth computer knowledge and I don’t know anyone like that. 

NBC Nightly News just did a special on webcam spying.

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Stop hiding behind the myths to make yourself feel safe and pick up a Jodi’s Voice webcam slider to ensure your webcam is only “seeing” the room when you want to chat.

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This short film dramatizes a real-life webcam stalking case:
YouTube Preview Image

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Self-Defense Can Give You Back the Power

Of course taking a class with an expert is always best, but here are a few videos we put together to get you  in the mood to sign-up for a class.

YouTube Preview Image

Learning self-defense can not only give you back the confidence that you can protect yourself, but unlike other defense forms it cannot be used against you.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Wrist hold

YouTube Preview Image

Choke holds

YouTube Preview Image

Bear Hug

YouTube Preview Image

If you teach self-defense and would like to offer free or low-cost classes to stalking victims who have previously filed police reports please email us at selfdefense at jodisvoice dot org.

Remove Yourself From Online Directories

Online directories can be a place stalkers use to locate their victims.  Here is a partial list of online directories and their opt-out pages.



123 People

  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy
  • Opt-Out: Partial. Some data comes from Intelius (opting out of Intelius may result in removing some information from 123 People).


99 Lists (see Intelius)

A1 People Search

Accurint (Seisint)


Address Search



  • Opt-Out

Ancestry (also Ancestry.ca, Ancestry.co.uk, Genealogy.com, familytreemaker.com, genealogylibrary.com, Myfamily.com, RootsWeb.com)

  • Opt-Out: Email customersolutions@ancestry.com your request for removal.
  • Include in the email: your email address, the URL address to the page in which the information appears, and specify what you would like to have removed. You will be asked to provide a copy of government issued identification.

Any Who (part of AT&T)

Archives – Online


  • Opt-Out: Email remove@aristotle.com

Background Check

Background Record Finder (affiliated with Intelius)


Birth Records


Cell Phone Registry

Check Mate LLC

  • Opt-Out: email support@instantcheckmate.com with “Opt-Out” in the Subject line and include your full name, DOB and address as it is listed on their website and they will remove it in 24-48 hours.

CIS Nationwide

Civil Records.org

Complete Background Checks

Court Records

Court Registry

DA Plus AKA: Directory Assistance Plus (source of data is InfoUSA, Inc.)

DEX Media (DEX online, DEX Knows, DEX pages)


If you know of other databases tracking information, please email the opt-out information to getoffthegrid at jodisvoice dot org and we will share the updates with other stalking victims.



Safe for the Holidays


Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis

What do you get for the people on your Christmas list who already have everything at the holidays? This year we had a Home Security family Christmas. Neither my parents nor my in-laws had security systems so for our peace of mind, my husband and I had alarm systems installed at both their homes. As often happens over time, both households are in neighborhoods that were once nice but have seen better days. Unfortunately, neither set of parents will consider moving. They both have been in their homes so long living anywhere else is not an option. They still know any of their neighbors and have sentimental attachments to their neighborhoods. Not that I blame them. I like being able to go home to the house I grew up in and I know my husband does to. It’s fun to see our kids play on the streets where we grew up. And it’s nice to feel like our parents are as safe as they were when they moved in 30 plus years ago.