How to Make Your Passwords Secure

PadlockIt just takes one of your accounts to be compromised for you to realize just how frustrating and invasive it can be. Couple that with a stalking case and you could be in a very dangerous situation. Think about it…

What information is in your email account right now? Bank statements, reservations for dinner or a vacation, police reports,…?

What text messages are on your phone?

Instant Messages? Facebook? Twitter?

The list goes on and on with a lot of very personal information in each platform. Our lives are digital now. There really is no way around it, but you can make yourself safer!

1. Build a solid password!

This means no dog names, street names, maiden names and absolutely do not use the word “password.”
A combination of symbols (^,$,*,@,!), numbers and upper and lower case letters will work best.
Never use a password from a “worst password” list.


2. Don’t store the passwords on your computer.

Just don’t. If you are hacked, you do not want the hacker to have instant access to every account you have.


3. Password protect your devices too.  

Whether it is a code, password or symbol just do it  right now!  Your phone/tablet goes everywhere with you and it only takes a moment out of your presence for it to be hacked.

4. Use a different password for everything.  

Sure you might need to reset passwords you do not use often, but one compromised account does not turn into a domino effect that consumes your life.

5. Use a password management system. 

PC Magazine reviewed several here. 


Cell Phone Stalking – How Would You Know & How to Stay Safe

smartphoneWe all count on our phones to help us find directions, keep us in touch or even to keep us safe, but it can easily become your worst nightmare when access to it’s apps falls into the wrong hands.

We are seeing more stalkers install hidden apps on phones that are used to stalk their victims.  These apps give the stalkers access to the phone’s location settings, camera, micrphone and GPS setttings can be used to stalk you.

The apps are hidden, but there are a few signs that can indicated your phone has been compromised.

  1. The screen lights up for no reason (Similar to when you are about to receive a call, but no call is received)
  2. You may notice background noise on your calls.
  3. You may receive text messages from strange numbers.
  4. The flash on the phone’s camera may go off without reason.
  5. Location settings turned on without your prior authorization.
  6. Battery may drain abnormally fast.

Read more about keeping your phone safe here: How to harden your smartphone against stalkers – Android edition or iPhone edition

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Protect Yourself from Webcam Spying!

If my webcam has been activated, the light will be turned on. 
For someone to activate my webcam they would need in-depth computer knowledge and I don’t know anyone like that. 

NBC Nightly News just did a special on webcam spying.

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This short film dramatizes a real-life webcam stalking case:
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