Living room design Ideas

Living Room is that space in the house which holds most of the memories. It is the place where whole family gathers and spend quality time. It is the primary spot in the house which sets the tone of the other spaces in the home. In this article we have mentioned few ideas which you can choose for your living room style.

  • Palm Beach Abode – In this you can include hexagonal table, neutral rug. Italian limestone mantel, and the coffered ceiling adds character to the room. It gives a rich look to the space.
  • Minimalist Living Room – Floors with large scale limestone tiles and pair of white chairs with marigold colored rug will give a vibrant and nice look to the living room.


  • Jewel Toned Living Room –  It is filled with custom designs like sofa with velvet, round banquette. You can design it the way you want with unique sculptures.
  • Light Filled Living Room – Contemporary furniture’s with white walls gives clean and classic look to the living room. Little greenery brings the light of outside to the room making it look bright and fresh.
  • Cozy Living Room – A neutral sofa with white chair and floor lamp gives you the cozy feeling. Paintings add peace to the space.
  • Japanese Style – Cock tale table, wool shag rug and Italian sofas give the room a subtle look. Japanese style fire pit adds classic feel to the room. You can have different gadgets also placed in the room.

living room ideas

  • Bohemian Living Room – Steel framed sliding doors, wall hanging, velvet sofas, give a bohemian and cool look to the living room. You can find many items online for decorating your living room as bohemian style.
  • Artistic Living Room – If you love art, than go for some artistic stuffs and you can put your own created arts in the room, to give it a personal touch. Various items you can get for decorating your room with art. Paintings, lamps, sculptures, etc are available online also with great number of varieties. You just have to choose according to your preferences and liking.

Living Room is the space which shows that how you keep your whole house. Do not compromise in making your living room the best and unique. There are many videos on you tube which can guide you to how to style your living room, go through it once. We hope this article has given you some ides of how to design your living room.


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