Supporting Stalking Victims

As a victim of stalking, the person is likely blaming his/herself for events that are beyond their control. Along with this blame comes a feeling of complete helplessness. Normally confident and secure people are often left feeling terrified of the slightest noise. As a victim, he/she is never sure when or where the stalker will escalate the situation and he/she will live on heightened alert in an effort to stay safe.

Self-preservation exhibits itself in many ways with stalking victims. Be prepared to support your friend in whatever way is best for his/her personality.

5 Simple Ways to Support Stalking Victims

1. Understand it is not the victim’s fault and communicate that to him/her.
2. Understand that he/she is likely forever changed. The fear of the unknown never goes away. Even if the stalking behaviors have not been exhibited in years the fear is always there in the back of his/her mind.
3. Support them during the multiple law enforcement reports that will likely need to be filed. Filing each report leaves the victim feeling helpless to the situation and is very emotional.
4. Help him/her to make their home and life safe. Complete a survey of the home, workplace, car, habits, etc and help the victim develop a safety plan. Secure places that are not secured with some of these products.
5. Help spread the word about what stalking truly is and the impact it has on its victims. Its not a joke and its not ok. Tell everyone that will listen!