Jodi’s Voice Future Plans

Currently, Jodi’s Voice is working to raise capital for a documentary to be shot in Arkansas City, KS interviewing citizens of the small town so unexpectedly affected by the stalking and murder of Jodi Sanderholm.  The town of approximately 12,000 will display this is truly a crime that can happen to anyone and anywhere.  The domumentary footage will be utilized in educational forums and to develop the feature film screen play illustrating the entire story of Jodi Sanderholm and leading its viewers into the life of a stalking victim.

Ultimately, Jodi’s Voice will expand into victim services.  Stalking victims are tremendously under-served by the current social services.  A stalking victim is often forced to make significant financial sacrifices just to ensure his/her own safety during the stalking.  More than 24% of stalking victims have their personal property damaged by a stalker.  At the very least a cyber-stalking victim is often forced to purchase new computers and cell phone  in an effort to remove the spyware previously installed on his/her systems.  Ultimately some stalkers are forced to change jobs and in some cases relocate to ensure their safety.  There are currently no services for these victims.  Jodi’s Place would be established to provide shelter services and in some cases financial assistance to these stalking survivors to help them move on with their lives.