7 Tips to Keeping Facebook Secure

lockEveryone is using social media and it is a great place to connect with new people or stay in touch.  We post our thoughts and photos there, as well as, private messages, but it is necessary to take a few simple steps to keep that data secure.

Use a different password for your accounts.

Many web users select a single password to represent all their accounts.  Take a few minutes to develop passwords for each platform.  This is especially important for platforms like Facebook which is home to a lot of personal information.
Lock your smartphone and/or tablet.

Our lives are on our smart phones.  Think about it emails, text messages, social media platforms, documents, navigation information and who knows what else.  All devices come with an option to lock the device with a password, security code or security pattern.  Activate it and secure your devices in case it is ever lost, stolen or just the victim of a nosy co-worker.
Ensure you have Secure Browsing activated.

It can slow down your Facebook experience a bit, but it is well worth the peace of mind.

Remember HTTPS should appear at the beginning of any web address to indicate it is secure. 
Turn on login notifications. 

This is an extra security feature that wll notify you whenever a new device attempts to log into your Facebook account.

Visit Facebook’s help page to learn how to activate this feature.
Use “Trusted Contacts”

Facebook allows you to select a few friends who can receive an access code if you are ever locked out of your account. The code will enable you to regain access.

Visit Facebook’s help page to learn how to set up this feature.
Check the “Apps You Use” monthly and remove access for any you are not using. 

We grant apps access to our Facebook page when we use the “like” button, use Facebook login on other sites or simple use the post to Facebook option.  The number of sites utilizing this feature can add up quickly and leaves your Facebook account opened up to additional access.  Reviewing these apps monthly can help to keep your account secure.

Visit your Account Settings – Apps to view and edit app access.
Check your privacy settings monthly or each time there is a Facebook update for accuracy.

I have seen privacy settings change for no reason.  It is a good idea to review your settings monthly or each time there is a Facebook update.  Facebook allows you to control many aspects of what is seen by others.  It is best to go through every setting and slect what works for you.

Remember: Only post what you are comfortable with the world seeing on any social media account.  Privacy settings are important, but you cannot assume they will keep you safe!