Cell Phone Stalking – How Would You Know & How to Stay Safe

smartphoneWe all count on our phones to help us find directions, keep us in touch or even to keep us safe, but it can easily become your worst nightmare when access to it’s apps falls into the wrong hands.

We are seeing more stalkers install hidden apps on phones that are used to stalk their victims.  These apps give the stalkers access to the phone’s location settings, camera, micrphone and GPS setttings can be used to stalk you.

The apps are hidden, but there are a few signs that can indicated your phone has been compromised.

  1. The screen lights up for no reason (Similar to when you are about to receive a call, but no call is received)
  2. You may notice background noise on your calls.
  3. You may receive text messages from strange numbers.
  4. The flash on the phone’s camera may go off without reason.
  5. Location settings turned on without your prior authorization.
  6. Battery may drain abnormally fast.

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