7 Tips Social Media Safety for Stalking Survivors and Everyone Else

Social media is a great way to connect and stay in touch with friends and family.  However, it is also an easy place for a stalker to gather information on their victim. With a few tips (in most cases) you can still participate in social media and keep yourself safe.

1. Only connect with people you trust. some platforms (like Twitter) encourage more growth, but keep platforms like Facebook a but more private.

2. Know your privacy settings.  Take a few moments to review these settings and do so on a periodic basis (some system changes have been known to alter privacy settings).

3. There is no delete on the internet.  Keep some things private from your online world.  Screen shots can be taken, websites cached… Think before you post.

4. Location services give everyone a map to your location.  You may not only be giving your stalker a map to find you, but you are also letting him/her/another stranger know you are not home.If you are going to use these do not check in at home, work or other places you frequent on a regular basis.  Check in as you leave the location.

5. Be aware of what information a jpg gives people. Ensure the geo-location feature that imprints your location to jpg image files is turned off on all your cameras.

6. Never under any circumstances “check-in” at home (even on Facebook).  Again you are giving people a map to your location. (Sorry for the repeat. It needs said again and again!)

7. Watch the links. There are many spyware links on social media.  Most are disguised as “What were you doing in this video?” or “Did you see what they are saying about you?” Clciking on the links will compromise your account and send similar messages to your friends.

Do any of these tips sound familiar? It is basically everything we teach our kids about internet safety.