Remove Yourself From Online Directories

Online directories can be a place stalkers use to locate their victims.  Here is a partial list of online directories and their opt-out pages.



123 People

  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy
  • Opt-Out: Partial. Some data comes from Intelius (opting out of Intelius may result in removing some information from 123 People).

99 Lists (see Intelius)

A1 People Search

Accurint (Seisint)


Address Search


  • Opt-Out

Ancestry (also,,,,,,

  • Opt-Out: Email your request for removal.
  • Include in the email: your email address, the URL address to the page in which the information appears, and specify what you would like to have removed. You will be asked to provide a copy of government issued identification.

Any Who (part of AT&T)

Archives – Online


  • Opt-Out: Email

Background Check

Background Record Finder (affiliated with Intelius)


Birth Records


Cell Phone Registry

Check Mate LLC

  • Opt-Out: email with “Opt-Out” in the Subject line and include your full name, DOB and address as it is listed on their website and they will remove it in 24-48 hours.

CIS Nationwide


Complete Background Checks

Court Records

Court Registry

DA Plus AKA: Directory Assistance Plus (source of data is InfoUSA, Inc.)

DEX Media (DEX online, DEX Knows, DEX pages)


If you know of other databases tracking information, please email the opt-out information to getoffthegrid at jodisvoice dot org and we will share the updates with other stalking victims.