Safe for the Holidays


Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis

What do you get for the people on your Christmas list who already have everything at the holidays? This year we had a Home Security family Christmas. Neither my parents nor my in-laws had security systems so for our peace of mind, my husband and I had alarm systems installed at both their homes. As often happens over time, both households are in neighborhoods that were once nice but have seen better days. Unfortunately, neither set of parents will consider moving. They both have been in their homes so long living anywhere else is not an option. They still know any of their neighbors and have sentimental attachments to their neighborhoods. Not that I blame them. I like being able to go home to the house I grew up in and I know my husband does to. It’s fun to see our kids play on the streets where we grew up. And it’s nice to feel like our parents are as safe as they were when they moved in 30 plus years ago.