Ben’s Stalking Experience

If you have heard many stalking cases they are likely have featured women as the victim; however, I am one of the few men to have been a victim of stalking.  I have followed many of the cases like Jodi Sanderholm, Kelsey Smith and Morgan Harrington.  It was the case of Morgan Harrington that brought me face-to-face with a woman who would soon begin stalking me.

I had met her online discussing various aspects of the case and when I decided to travel to Virginia for he one year anniversary of Morgan’s disappearance in October 2010 we met.  Face-to-face this seemed like a very different person than I had spent hours speaking with on Facebook and the phone.  She was much more clingy and jealous.  She took my saying hi to a waitress as flirting and would become enraged.

After the meeting in October she would begin calling me 2-3 times a day then by the end of November it had increased to 6-7 times a day.  She blamed the constant calls on panic attacks.  We lived in different states and I continued to stress that if we were going to have a relationship I wanted to go slow.  She didn’t seem to understand that and claimed I was ignoring her.

By Christmas the calls increased to a minimum of nine times per day.  The more I back off the relationship the more persistent she became.  In February, she wanted to come see me and I told her it was not a good idea.  She came anyway and by April 2011 she was pressuring me to move to Virginia to be with her.  When I told her I was not ready to do that she responded by yelling that I didn’t care about her.

I knew it had to end and tried to let her down easy.  However, she was obsessed.  In one day she called me a total of 37 times.  I was concerned for her as a person, but was not interested in a relationship.  She would call stating if I would not be with her she would kill herself or so something stupid.

It was mid-April 2011 before she finally left me alone.  I have not heard from her since.

My name is Ben and this is my stalking experience.