Dads Fight Stalking

It’s Father’s Day and the posts are starting on Facebook.  You know the ones that want you to declare your love for your spouse, kids, mother or father like this:

If your Dad is, or was, a hardworking man, and is your hero, has helped you no matter how good or bad you were, and is just the best Dad ever, if you are blessed to still have your Dad, or if he is an angel in Heaven, paste this to your status and let everyone know you are proud of your Dad. You can replace a lot of people in your life, but you CAN NOT REPLACE YOUR DAD

It is all meant as a way to honor your dad, but there is no action.  Now I don’t know about you, but my dad is a man of action and he taught me to take action when I see something or someone that needs help.  So this Father’s Day I ask you to think about those dads like Jodi’s father, Brian.  Brian will celebrate this year like he has every year since 2007 without his youngest daughter.

It was my father’s influence in my life that has led me to fight for change in honor of Jodi and other stalking victims. So this Father’s Day I challenge everyone to post what your dad would want you to do to help people rather than a simple post like above.  Put some thought into it and help ensure that no dads have to bury their daughters due to a stalker’s actions.  Donating to Jodi’s Voice will help raise awareness and provide future victim’s services to prevent crimes like Jodi suffered.

It is very simple, go to Facebook/Twitter (#FightStalking), post the link and tell everyone how you are helping prevent another father from losing his little girl.