Happy Birthday Jodi

Jodi Sanderholm 1987-2007

Today Jodi would have been 23 years old.  Birthdays are meant to be the celebration of life, yet after someone passes they become a reminder of what might have been.  I have feel into this thought pattern as well and fight it often.

However, this year and in the coming years I challenge each one of Jodi’s friends, family and even those that never knew Jodi to take September 26th each year to think about Jodi and the impact she is continuing to have on lives of those she knew, as well as, those she never got the chance to meet.

Here are a few of the stories that have been shared with me since we start Jodi’s Voice.  These are all lives that are changed and in some cases saved by Jodi’s memory.

A 42-year old woman in California wrote that Jodi’s story gave her the strength to come forward and face her stalker who is now in prison.  She is now safe and continuing to live her life.

A 20-something year old girl on the east coast wrote stating that Jodi’s story gave her the strength to explain the stalking problems she was having with her friends and family.  They now support her in recovering from the terror she lived with for many years.

A 40-year old man in Arizona told me he was terrified by his stalker on a daily basis.  In some cases, he would even wake up to her being in his bed.  He said he never reported it because he was “a guy and not supposed to be scared.”  He went on to state that Jodi’s story made him understand the danger he was in and the stalking stopped shortly after he reported the issue to law enforcement.

These are just a few of the people whose lives were changed by Jodi.  These are the lives we celebrate in honor of Jodi on her birthday.  They are the lives she has saved.

Happy Birthday Jodi!

Jodi Sanderholm