Stalking Stories from the week of August 8, 2010

We don’t always choose our burdens. We always choose how we carry them ~ Lena Horne

The dangers involved with photo geo-tagging and geo-location social media have been making a lot of news lately.  Many people have not considered the dangers of posting such personal information on the web.  The best advice for anyone regardless of age when participating in social media platforms…follow the same advice/rules that we give our children.

Web Photos That Reveal Secrets, Like Where You Live (New York Times)  Adam Savage of Mythbusters details his own mistake of tweeting a photo taken in front of his home.  Within minutes his home address was located via Google Maps and the geotagging embedded in the jpg image.

Protecting your privacy on Facebook offers great tips for ensuring your privacy settings are as safe as possible.

Sociologist Aarti Kalra believes that anonymity on the internet is the primary lure for cyber-stalkers. “The web gives people an opportunity to be faceless — an individual may seem perfectly sweet and nice in real life, but he could be a creep under the shroud of the web, where he or she can be sure that no one knows him or his real identity.

Murder victim’s brother creates site to protect against stalkers

Colorado – A private investigator claims that he was completing his work when he was arrested has brought stalking laws to the forefront of other private investigator’s minds.

Jodi’s Voice Blog Post: Stalking is a (a)crime (b) marketing campaign?

Support H.R. 5662, or the STALKERS Act of 2010 (which stands for Simplifying the Ambiguous Law, Keeping Everyone Reliably Safe Act of 2010) so that anti-stalking laws will be strengthened nationwide, which will also lead to even stricter enforcement, sentencing, and greater public awareness down the road. Sign the petition to show your support by clicking here (  Stalking survivors can have their name show up as anonymous for the general public.

Jodi’s Voice currently has a 501(c )3 pending status and is making plans for the future including documentaries, victim resources and awareness campaigns.

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Facebook Support Group: Surviving Stalking

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