Stalking in the News – August 1, 2010

Support H.R. 5662, or the STALKERS Act of 2010 (which stands for Simplifying the Ambiguous Law, Keeping Everyone Reliably Safe Act of 2010) so that anti-stalking laws will be strengthened nationwide, which will also lead to even stricter enforcement, sentencing, and greater public awareness down the road. Sign the petition to show your support by clicking here (  Stalking survivors can have their name show up as anonymous for the general public.

Jodi’s Voice currently has a 501(c )3 pending status and is making plans for the future including documentaries, victim resources and awareness campaigns. 

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Facebook Support Group: Surviving Stalking

Mainstream media is beginning to pick up more stalking stories with celebrity cases pushing the crime into the awareness of many.  Below is a sampling of the stories based on legislative/policy change, safety planning and statistical studies.

  • How safe are you from stalkers? This investigative report might surprise you…
  • How to Block a Number from calling your Cell Phone
  • The Shadow of Fear that Stalkers Leave on their Victims
  • DA gets courts to change policy for people accused of stalking in Summit County.  Offenders will be required to see a judge prior to being released on bond.
  • Stalking in College: Women are at a Greater Risk