About Us

Jodi’s Voice was founded as a result of tragedy.  On January 5, 2007, Jodi Sanderholm was murdered by a stalker who as court

Jodi, Age 19

records have shown had been stalking her for ten years.  As Jodi’s family and friends were left wondering how this could happen more information was being released to describe multiple events that should have led to this highly-disturbed individual’s arrest prior to Jodi’s death.  Almost 20 women had complained about him in the past, reporting to law enforcement that he had followed, grabbed or harassed them in some way.  However, due to the way the laws in 2007 were written police were left with no options until it was too late for Jodi.

Jodi was an incredible young woman in many ways.  Her life was cut short long before its time and she was not allowed to truly fulfill the impact she was bound to make on this world.  However, her  untimely death has led to legislative change named Jodi’s Law in Kansas and New Mexico, as well as, an abundance of awareness to the crime of stalking.  It was a desire to not let Jodi’s death be in vain that caused the birth of a movement that has changed lives.

Read about future plans for Jodi’s Voice here.

Our journey is somewhat new and we have a long road ahead of us, but we invite you to join us in whatever way possible.  Stay involved with us through this site, Facebook or Twitter.  Share the message with your friends and help us stop stalkers!

After the development of Jodi’s Voice it became clear that a void was still present in the services.   Reports of cyber-bullying ending in violence are skyrocketing while our children are leaving home without the skills and education to prevent and cope with these relevant problems.  While these incidents are becoming all too common our children are not ready to hear another adult telling them to be careful. In order to be effective the message had to come from “one of their own.”  Voice of Teens launched under Jodi’s Voice in the Fall of 2010 with a small but dedicated group of teenage volunteers. Read more about their endeavors here.